Freelance photographer and cinematographer in Philadelphia, PA.

Email: benmacphoto@gmail.com


  1. Hi Ben
    It’s Andy from Philly Photo. Long time no see ! I have missed ya. I know processing went a little off when Jack hired someone else but I am back on it. That is besides the point. I have a lot of film equipment I want to part with. I have no idea of the market nor the time and patience. If you are willing I will inventory my profferings and if you are up to task you can sell them for me and take whatever percentage you find fair. As much as I hate to part with them. I will never have a darkroom again and that that is where the magic happened for me. If your not interested that is ok too. I just figured your are the most knowledgeable person I know familiar with buying and selling cameras. If I make a little money and you make a little money and everything finds a new home I would be most pleased.
    I thought of you the other night there is a great multi episode series on Netflix or Amazon all about the Grateful Dead. I stayed up until dawn watching the whole series. It was great. Anyways let me know if you are interested and if not that is ok too.
    Hope you are well


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